One Small Example of TRUE Courage


With the recent reveal of the ‘made-over’, psychologically and sexually confused Bruce Jenner on the cover of Vanity Fair magazine, words like ‘courage’, ‘strength’ and ‘bravery’ were used. However, when I look at the picture on the cover of the magazine, I see no resemblance to anything even close to any of those words. Instead, all I see is a miserable and worn-out example of a man who is psychologically and sexually confused and possibly medically injured who is being taken advantage of by those around him who are greedy and almost as psycho as he is for helping and promoting this unhealthy and unnatural, fruitless endeavor to make Bruce happy by ‘making-over’ his outsides like a band-aid on an open wound when common sense tells you the patient needs surgery or healing on the inside. Once healed on the inside, the process will work its way to the outside and will become evident to everyone around him.

But not to get off point; I wanted to say what Bruce Jenner has done in no way can be called ‘courage’ or ‘courageous’. It can only be called ‘coward’ or ‘cowardly’. And to prove my point, I present a picture and brief story of an example of TRUE Courage, Army Lt. Colonel Gregory Gadson.

Army Lt. Colonel Gregory Gadson lost both legs above the knee in an I.E.D. explosion while serving our country in Irag in 2007. After recovering, he became the first double amputee to return to active duty. That, and HE is an example of TRUE COURAGE.

I’m John Q. American and I approved this message.

When The Mainstream News Media Has Gone Downstream


At a time when we have SERIOUS problems going on like the fact that our country is being over-run by illegal aliens from our southern border; an unresponsive, tyrannical government hellbent on starting a 2nd American revolution among the people by slowly taking away our freedoms, rights and liberties and covertly promoting racial class warfare; promoting civil unrest and violence against police officers- all a part of a grand scheme of the government to bring about the collapse of our civil society so that the government can declare ‘martial law’, round us up into FEMA concentration camps for so-called ‘re-education’ into the new World Order or One World Government lead by the United Nations; we have an illegal alien Muslim from Kenya in the Whitehouse playing President and orchestrating the whole plan; the Vice President of the United States just lost his son to cancer; our nation’s health care system is in shambles; the Senate just voted on major legislation impacting how the NSA can collect and use your data which affects your individual privacy and freedom…

But what got the most attention in the news media the last few days?

A psychologically screwed up, 65 year-old man playing dress up.

And you want me to gawk at ‘its’ fake tits and surgically altered, curvy hips all googly-eyed and say how pretty ‘it’ looks so that ‘it’ can feel good about ‘it’ self?

What is wrong with our country people?

I’m John Q. American and I approved this message.

A Passing Thought About Common Sense…

Ships-off-Edge-of-EarthThe thought occurred to me recently, while watching a fiction movie about 16th century medieval explorers who were sailing across the ocean, about how little common sense existed back then, during the middle ages. You see, the captain of the ship was informing the leader of the expedition that they would soon reach the point in the ocean where they would have to turn around and turn back towards home because to go further would risk going beyond the ‘known’ or mapped sea’s and could possibly lead to the ship falling off the edge of the earth! Yes, you read that right, I said, ‘falling off the edge of the earth.’ You have to remember that back then, the people still believed that the world was flat.

And that brings me to my point: lack of common sense. Imagine yourself in that scene as the captain of the ship or the leader of the expedition hearing what the captain just said about reaching the end of the earth and falling off, then take a step back and think about that statement for a few moments a think about what doesn’t make sense, thinking as a person from that era might think.

If a ship could sail to the end or edge of the ocean or earth and simply ‘fall off’, then why doesn’t all the water in the ocean simply ‘run off’ or ‘drain off’ the edge causing the ocean to dry up? What holds all the water on the edge of the earth? An invisible barrier? If so, would it not hold a ship from falling off?

And there endeth the lesson. Common Sense thought for the day.

I’m John Q. American and I approved this common sense message…


A Passing Thought On Apathy And Lack-Of-Action…

Coming FEMA camps?

Coming FEMA camps?

“We saw a picture of the imprisoned starving, malnourished, tortured, near-death skeletons wrapped with skin and a few with blankets or shreds of clothing, barely able to stand…. and then we realized we were looking at ourselves, only a few years into the future because we sat around in silence and did nothing while our tyrannical government and power-hungry politicians secretly worked behind closed doors to slowly take away our rights and our liberty~ until one day they came around our towns and cities under the guise of “Military Exercises” and rounded us all up into FEMA Health and Safety Camps for our own safety from a threat we did not know: THE UNITED STATES FEDERAL GOVERNMENT.”

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Hello fellow Americans!

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I’m just an average American living an average middle-class lifestyle I’d say, and I go through the same things day-in and day-out like every other average American out there so I feel like I can speak for the status quo, average American. That’s why I go by the pen-name John Q. American and I have for many years now. I have a bachelors degree from a private Christian University paid for with government student loans (which I still owe!) and I have a lot a knowledge and education in government, politics, American history and I am a student/researcher of the U.S. Constitution and the other founding documents. I’m also a Constitutional/Government activist in my spare time working on projects to restore our country’s true Constitutional form of government which we haven’t had for over 100 years.

This website is just an updated and revamped version of an old one I used to have so bear with me and I’m going to try to post more regularly with more significant and in depth articles about our government and the condition of our country and where we’re all headed and what we can do to help fix it. So hold on and I’ll try to give you the heads up if you’ll follow or subscribe to me….

I’m John Q. American and I approved this message.