A Passing Thought On Apathy And Lack-Of-Action…

Coming FEMA camps?

Coming FEMA camps?

“We saw a picture of the imprisoned starving, malnourished, tortured, near-death skeletons wrapped with skin and a few with blankets or shreds of clothing, barely able to stand…. and then we realized we were looking at ourselves, only a few years into the future because we sat around in silence and did nothing while our tyrannical government and power-hungry politicians secretly worked behind closed doors to slowly take away our rights and our liberty~ until one day they came around our towns and cities under the guise of “Military Exercises” and rounded us all up into FEMA Health and Safety Camps for our own safety from a threat we did not know: THE UNITED STATES FEDERAL GOVERNMENT.”

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Hello fellow Americans!

John Q. American

Welcome to my world! Come in and stay awhile if you don’t mind my skeptical, always questioning, never trusting and always researching for myself- take on this supposedly free country we live in.

I’m just an average American living an average middle-class lifestyle I’d say, and I go through the same things day-in and day-out like every other average American out there so I feel like I can speak for the status quo, average American. That’s why I go by the pen-name John Q. American and I have for many years now. I have a bachelors degree from a private Christian University paid for with government student loans (which I still owe!) and I have a lot a knowledge and education in government, politics, American history and I am a student/researcher of the U.S. Constitution and the other founding documents. I’m also a Constitutional/Government activist in my spare time working on projects to restore our country’s true Constitutional form of government which we haven’t had for over 100 years.

This website is just an updated and revamped version of an old one I used to have so bear with me and I’m going to try to post more regularly with more significant and in depth articles about our government and the condition of our country and where we’re all headed and what we can do to help fix it. So hold on and I’ll try to give you the heads up if you’ll follow or subscribe to me….

I’m John Q. American and I approved this message.